Data Privacy Notice

We at Indorama Ventures Global Services, including its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively referred to as “Indorama” or “we” or “us”) are committed to process your personal information as per the laws of your jurisdiction. We hereby notify you the following information about your personal data processing.

Data Recipients/ accessible to:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      IVL collects a range of information about you, appropriate throughout the recruitment process. This includes:
     •  Full name, including birth name, personal address, personal email ID, personal cell phone number
     •  Resume, cover letter
     •  Background details including spoken language, date of birth, marital status
     •  Past and previous employment details
     •  Educational background
     •  Gender
     •  Nationality
     •  Address details, such as personal address
     •  Contact details, such as personal email ID, personal phone number
     •  Marital details, such as marital status, date of marriage, partner’s name, marriage certificate reference number
     •  Date of birth
     •  Native preferred language
        Sensitive or special personal data processed may include but is not limited to:
     •  Criminal record
     •  Health related information including physical health and drug test
     •  Disability details such as type of challenge, degree of challenge, challenge group, challenge percentage, reference number and issue date of challenge disability certificate, disability status of             veteran, disability status captured in the CC-305 form, naturalized citizen (for USA Candidates only)
     •  Ethnicity details, such as race, ethnic group
     •  Location details, such as province, county, postal code (for China Candidates only)
     •  Blood Group
     •  Political Status (for China Candidates only)
     •  Bank account details, such as account owner’s name, bank account number, IBAN number, CLABE number (for India, China and USA only)

We also process personal data provided by you in relation to third parties, when it relates to your application for employment with IVL such as details of your referees or your professional references. It is your responsibility to ensure anyone about whom you provide us with personal data is made aware that you are providing their personal data and for what purpose.

Purpose of processing
IVL has a legitimate interest in collecting and processing personal data during the recruitment process and for keeping records of the process. Processing data from job applicants allows
us to –
      •  Manage the recruitment process
      •  Assess and confirm an applicant's suitability for employment
      •  To process your application including to identify and contact you
      •  To determine whether you have the professional skills, expertise and experience for the position applied for                                                                                                                                              •  Determining the terms on which you work for us and decide to whom to offer a job.
      •  IVL Manage the onboarding process and other employment related processes
      •  IVL Administer payroll to fulfill the terms and conditions of the employment contract.
      •  Promote equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion in the work environment
We may also need to process data from job applicants to respond to and defend against legal claims. Indorama also needs to process data to ensure that it is complying with legal obligations of entering a contract with you and demonstrating the lawfulness of the application and selection process.

If your application is unsuccessful, you may request Indorama to process your personal data for the purpose of evaluating your profile for future employment opportunities for which you may be suited, according to the retention criteria specified below.

Secondary Purpose
If we wish to use your personal data for a new purpose, not covered by this Notice, then we will provide you with a new notice explaining this new use prior to commencing the processing and setting out the relevant purposes and processing conditions. Where and whenever necessary, we will seek your prior consent to new processing, unless authorized by law.

Third Parties
Such parties are law enforcement agencies and state/government regulators, (if permitted by applicable laws) SAP Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing (Thailand) Ltd. (for SuccessFactors platform), Accenture Solutions Co. Ltd (for SuccessFactors’ implementation) and the vendor providing application management services to IVL.

Your Rights
a) Right to Portability, Right to Access & Correct Your Personal Data

If you would like to exercise your above rights under the applicable privacy laws, you may do so:
      •  SuccessFactors provides the functionality to run a report on which data is captured from you in the system.
      •  You can also get your personal data corrected by contacting your respective HR Business Partner.  

b) Erase your Personal Data
You may also request to erase your personal data that we have about you by contacting your respective HR Business Partner as allowed by applicable laws.

c) Withdrawal of Consent
You have the right, at any time, to withdraw your consent to IVL processing of your personal data by contacting to your respective HR Business Partner.

d) Your Right to lodge a complaint
You have the right to lodge a formal complaint about data protection practices with the Data Protection Authority or any relevant law enforcement agencies, state or government regulators located in your country of employment.

Security of data
We have taken reasonable measures to protect security and confidentiality of your personal data and its transmission through the internet. We will give access to your personal data only to authorized users and as per the defined access control mechanisms.

Transfer of personal data and Risks of Cross Border Data Transfer
Your information may be shared with our affiliates, subsidiaries in other jurisdictions, in relation to the purposes described above.

The Personal data listed above may be transferred to countries located outside of your country of employment, for which data protection legislation may differ from that of your country of employment. We shall take the necessary steps to ensure the confidentiality and security of the transferred data.
By transferring your personal data to countries where IVL and its subsidiaries and affiliated entities are located [ and, ] you accept that (a) once your data is transferred to these countries it will be subject to the laws and regulations of those countries and its individual states, (b) those laws and regulations do not afford you the same or equivalent rights as those set forth in the laws and regulations of your country of employment.
To minimize these risks we,

      •  collect, process and transfer personal data in accordance with the laws applicable to IVL.
      •  will respond to enquiries from you and the authority concerning processing and transfer of the  personal data;
      •  will make available, upon request, a copy of the clauses to you, where we transfer your personal data to a third party unless the clauses contain confidential information, in which case
         we may remove such information. Where information is removed, we shall inform you in writing of the reason for removal and of your right to draw the removal to the attention of the 
         authority. However, we shall abide by a decision of the authority regarding access to the full text of the clauses to you, if you have agreed to respect the   confidentiality of the 
         confidential information removed;
      •  provide the rights articulated in this consent;
      •  encrypt personal data maintained in database of SuccessFactors and during transit; and
      •  limit access to your personal data to authorized Candidates of IVL and Third Parties.

Data retention
Personal data will not be retained for a period more than necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this consent. Generally, this means that your personal data will be retained as documented in our corporate policy or for directly related legitimate business purposes and according to applicable laws or regulatory requirements.

Existence of Automated Profiling and Decision Making
We do not carry any processing activities that involve automated profiling and decision making.

Contact us
In case of any data enquiries or complaints please reach out to us at